What is Flex Football?

Flex football is a great starting place for kids under 6. Unlike flag, flex allows players to experience football with a hands first approach and a progressive two-hand touch model to closely simulate tackle. Flex has 9 on 9 play that develops a players run game, pass rush, and resembles tackle football. The best part, once the player is ready, flex football will have instilled the necessary skills and fundamentals that will allow for a seamless switch to tackle football with the Almaden Mustangs. 

  • 9 v 9 play 

  • Offense skills development

  • Defense skills development

  • Traditional point values & 1st downs

  • Open-hand contact

  • SoftShell helmets & shoulder pads

  • Tackling via 2-hand touch

  • Gameplay skills development with pads     

  • Run and pass blocking techniques

  • Pass rush techniques

  • Defeating blocks

  • Bump & run coverage techniques

  • Strategic skill development 

  • Leadership development

  • Make new friends

  • Builds confidence

  • Being part of the Mustang Family